Are You Planning for the Changes in Estate Taxes?

Last chance to REALLY plan for the Future:

On December 31, 2012 an opportunity to plan for the future of your family expires. By now we have all heard about the change in the estate tax, as the line goes, Republicans want the tax on estates eliminated and Democrats want to tax all of the value of an estate for redistribution. the only sure bet now is that the estate tax provisions are going to change.

The only real consensus in the industry holds that Congress will take some sort of action on the estate tax issue, however, few believe the current estate provisions will be renewed at present levels.

We believe You should be prepared regardless of which way the wind blows. And we believe much of the industry is missing the REAL opportunity the current law allows.

Generational skipping.

We are able to structure your estate, now, to gift valuable assets to your heirs and still retain control. Under current law, we can accomplish this goal to a successive generation without tax. We of course won’t “skip” your kids in the sense of allowing them to benefit from your assets when you no longer do, but we can skip the estate tax for you kids and allow them to benefit.

Interesting? Let us show you how.

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