HKA reports high scores in recent employee satisfaction assessment

Hauk Kruse & Associates cares about their employees.  In January, Jan Stapleton, Certified Life Coach, RN, BSN  worked with the staff at HKA utilizing “The Circle of Life” curriculum.  The Circle of Life philosophy, was established by Rebecca McLean and Roger Jahnke in 1997.  The study materials teach the participant(s) to hone in on their own circle of life which includes assessment of one’s life, and readiness to develop and execute your blueprint for change.  This cyclical process is intended to be infinite and allows the participant to re-assess and redirect their plan of action as their lives and life goals move and shift.

The first portion of the class is to perform a “Circle of Life Assessment” which allows the participant to select their personal and professional strengths and opportunities.  The strengths are shared with the rest of the staff in a group setting.

A highlight from Jan’s session was the results of the company satisfaction assessment.  All employees were asked to provide a rating from 1-10 on ten different attributes exhibited by the HKA.  Here were the results:


It is no coincidence that these ratings have increased significantly over the past 2 years.  Bill Kruse, Managing Partner of HKA defines the reasons behind the increase in satisfaction below.

For more information on the HKA Family Practice, please click here and for more information on Jan Stapleton and how Real Steps Life Coaching can help you and your team, please click here.

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