3 Reasons You Should Use Your Personal E-mail for Non-Business Correspondences

When it comes to e-mail addresses, many people automatically gravitate to using one… their business e-mail address. And why wouldn’t they? One e-mail address means only having to log in to one account. Unfortunately, the ease of a “one-stop” e-mail address is the only pro. Here are three reasons why we believe you should stop using your business e-mail address for your personal correspondences:

Reason #1: Internal Filtering
Like most companies, your business e-mail account is most likely set to filter e-mails before you receive them. This minimizes the amount of spam you receive and keeps out viruses that can compromise the security of your company’s network. Unfortunately, this filter tends to bounce back important personal e-mails from accountants, lawyers, and the like.

Personal e-mail account settings are set by you, and therefore, you can make sure that you never miss an important personal e-mail again.

Reason #2: Personal Security
If the internal filter of your business e-mail account does not block personal correspondences, you begin to run the risk of diminished personal security. While you may feel secure due to your business account’s impeccable firewalls, it is important to realize that your company has the right to read any e-mail that you send or receive through their server.

Personal e-mail accounts can only be viewed by persons who know the password to the account. If you create an intricate password and keep it to yourself, then only you will see your personal e-mails.

Reason #3: Company Policy
Many companies have policies regarding business e-mail accounts, and most of these policies state that business e-mail accounts cannot be used for personal correspondences. These companies can have many different reasons for this policy: they want to conserve data, they want to minimize distractions, etc. No matter the reason, you do not want to be caught breaking company policy over a trivial thing like e-mails.

The only policies for personal e-mail accounts are personal policies set by you.


If you are unsure if we have your personal e-mail, please contact our office at 314-993-4285 or e-mail us at office@hkaglobal.com.

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