Your Resume Ready Checklist

White Keyboard with Send Resume Button. Before you hit that send button, check to make sure your resume includes the following eight things:

  1. Are your intentions and goals regarding the position clear? It is important that your summary includes what you want to do now in the job you are applying for. This way, there is no doubt in the resume reader’s mind what your goals are.
  2. Does your resume give a sense of who you are? Many people have the same qualifications as you, but that doesn’t make them you. Businesses don’t just want a person who is going to do the job well, they also want a person who is going to be a good fit for the company’s culture. We can’t stress this enough… your voice and personality are what set you apart, so include them in your resume.
  3. Does your story come through in your resume? Just as your personality makes you who you are, so do your experiences. The story of how you got to this point in your career is important, so it should shine throughout your resume: include a brief history in your summary, then flesh it out in the body of your resume, explaining the jobs you’ve had and what you saw and conquered at each.
  4. Is it clear why you are job-hunting? One of the first questions every interviewer asks is “Why are you looking for a job?” Knowing this gives you an opportunity to be ahead of the curve and include your reasoning for being on the job market in the summary of your resume.
  5. Do your job descriptions include useful information? Listing the tasks and duties you performed at each job is not only a waste of space, but also a waste of the hiring manager’s time. Instead, give them sustenance by explaining what you changed, fixed, began, improved, or reinvented in each of your positions.
  6. Are your past missions clear? Each position you accepted during your career helped you complete a portion of your overall mission. It is important that your resume explains what mission you had in each role and how you accomplished it. This lets the resume reader know you aren’t just a task performing robot, but a genuine human with actual goals that you can accomplish.
  7. Can you see that you’re a problem solver? Including the words “problem solver” among a long list of other skills like “Microsoft Word proficient” doesn’t mean a thing to companies. Instead, you need to show them that you are one. Simply tell your story and include the context of what was wrong, what you did to make things better, and why that was a great thing for you to do.
  8. Does your resume tell where your career is going? Interviewers want to know where you see yourself in the next years because they want to know that you are committed to furthering your career. Not only do they need to know where you’ve been, but they need to know where you are going.

If your resume reflects who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and where you want to be… you can rest assured that you have a strong resume. Now is the time to hit that send button! Good luck!

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