Stroll Against Silence!


We’re back with information on another great charity event hosted by The Angel Band Project: Stroll Against Silence!


Stroll Against Silence is a community and team fundraising event where you can either be the fund-raiser or the fund-giver (or even both!).

“The evening will honor survivors and remember victims of sexual violence, raise public awareness about this silent issue, educate communities on how to prevent and work together against sexual violence and will have live music and fun activities throughout its entirety!…There will be one hour of 6 different themed laps during the night… Games, food, music and other activities will provide entertainment and build camaraderie. In addition, it’s a family-friendly environment for the WHOLE community.”

If you are interested in either donating to this amazing cause or building your own team, head on over to Here you will be able to register as a walker or donate funds to specific teams! No matter which team you choose, your donation supports The Angel Band Project’s cause.

If you would like to learn more about The Angel Band Project you can check out their website at or our other blogs about this charity and the work that they do here and here.

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