7 Most Forgotten Items

Don't Forget

As tax season nears a close, it’s important that you remember to send your tax preparers (that’d be us!) all necessary items. Making sure you are giving your CPA all of your information makes the process of preparing and completing your return go smoother and faster, and makes sure that nothing gets left out.

Below we’ve listed the top 7 items that get forgotten most:

  1. Cost basis for stock sales
  2. Estimated payment values and dates of contribution by municipality
  3. Non-cash charitable donation values
    *if you need help deciding the value of an item, head to www.itsdeductible.com
  4. Last pay stub
    *it has important information that your W-2 doesn’t have
  5. Long-term care insurance
  6. 529 plan contributions
  7. Deferred compensation or stock option pay-outs

If you have any questions or you realize that you forgot to give us some important information, please call us at 314-993-4285.

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