Cyber Security Lesson 1.5: Tips on Protecting Your Company’s Tablets.


Monday we gave you some tips on how to protect your tablet from three main cyber threats… but what if you are a business owner and are concerned about your employee’s portable devices just as much as your own?

Well, we have a few tips on that too. *Some of these tips may require help or explanation from your IT department.

  • Create security and acceptable-use policies for all portable devices. Make sure to educate your employees on these policies.
  • Enable a remote wiping feature to erase all data on the device if it is misplaced or stolen. Then teach your employees to report missing devices immediately so they can be wiped of all data.
  • Educate employees about the value of using strong passwords and PINs. Require their use.
  • Only allow access to the organizational network through a secure VPN connection.
  • Have your IT department configure secure sockets lays (SSL) security features on organizational web servers to encrypt data being transmitted.
  • Consider the costs and benefits of distributing locked-down, corporate-controlled devices over implementing a “bring your own device” policy.
  • Consider implementing an inventory of mobile devices that may carry sensitive company information, and auditing it on a regular basis.

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