Tax Practitioners Warned Against New E-mail Phishing Scam


The IRS has alerted tax professionals in several states (California, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia) to a phishing scam, where scammers posing as tax software providers send e-mails asking recipients to click on an embedded link to download and install an “important software update.” The downloaded file’s naming convention uses the actual name of the tax professional’s software followed by an “.exe extension.” Upon completion, tax professionals mistakenly believe they have downloaded a software update when actually they have loaded a program designed to track their key strokes to steal login information, passwords and other sensitive data. (CCH State Tax Review, Vol 77, Issue 35)

A warning to all of our clients in all of our states, scammer technology, infrastructure, and intelligence is only constrained by our ability to heed the warnings of our advisors.  Life learned pearls of wisdom:

  • Never run with scissors;
  • Never talk with your mouth full;
  • Always look the other person in the eye;
  • Never respond to voicemail messages from anyone purporting to be with the IRS or state revenue agency;
  • Never respond (avoid opening if you can) to email from anyone purporting to be with the IRS or state revenue agency;
  • Never panic if the IRS or state revenue agency is threatening you.

In all above cases please call our office at 314-993-4285 and we are ready to help you out, (I’ll be sending you to my mom for the first three, she’s really good at those).

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