One Firm Concept

Photo by BenandBeccalee

One Firm Concept. What exactly does this mean?  Over the past 20+ years of serving various capacities in the public accounting industry I’ve identified one critical flaw in most all accounting firm structures:  Your Guy.

We all know this, and we’ve all asked this question, that’s great Bill, but who is my guy/gal?  Who do I call for X?  Who will be working on my return?  Who is going to do my stuff?  Who do I call when I can’t sleep about something?  Who do I call when plans change or I’m buying a company?  Who do I send my stuff to?  Who will call me with questions?  Who will call me for missing information?

Scores of different questions all asking for the same assurance, I/the customer wants one point of contact.  Here’s the flaw:  What sets dynamic environments apart from the normal business?  They aren’t insular.  The flaw in the one point of contact concept is its inability to use a fresh set of eyes, they become insular within a project.  The same person misses the same thing, takes the same things for granted,  and generally approaches a project from the same direction every time.

One of our core cultural attributes is to attack a problem from a direction differently than anyone else.  The One Firm Concept is the embodiment of this cultural difference.  We utilize technology and discipline in maintaining a robust CRM, called Office Tools or OT, to track/record/task/monitor/complete all projects phone calls and life experiences from our conversations and meetings with you.  Why do we send emails with our Stream of Consciousness notes?  To populate our evolving CRM with our latest conversations.  This very unique method of conducting business with our clients allow any person in the firm to answer your question, work on your project, and provide expertise or answers on a timely basis.  The One Firm Concept gives our clients the ability to call our office and more than likely get an answer even if the normal suspects are not available.  It allows us to more effectively answer your emails if the normal suspect is not available.  Most importantly, it helps keep us moving/evolving/challenging for you, our Client.  The side benefit to HKA?  We are never bored, we’re always seeing something new and we’re always challenging ourselves and our team members to create a fun, dynamic, professional environment geared toward serving our Client’s needs.

Yes, there are point of contacts, Yes, you can ask to speak to the same person every time you call, but, when you really need something now, rest assured the One Firm Concept will be there to deliver for you when you need it the most, and every other day!

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