One Firm Concept

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One Firm Concept. What exactly does this mean?  Over the past 20+ years of serving various capacities in the public accounting industry I’ve identified one critical flaw in most all accounting firm structures:  Your Guy.

We all know this, and we’ve all asked this question, that’s great Bill, but who is my guy/gal?  Who do I call for X?  Who will be working on my return?  Who is going to do my stuff?  Who do I call when I can’t sleep about something?  Who do I call when plans change or I’m buying a company?  Who do I send my stuff to?  Who will call me with questions?  Who will call me for missing information?

Scores of different questions all asking for the same assurance, I/the customer wants one point of contact.  Here’s the flaw:  What sets dynamic environments apart from the normal business?  They aren’t insular.  The flaw in the one point of contact concept is its inability to use a fresh set of eyes, they become insular within a project.  The same person misses the same thing, takes the same things for granted,  and generally approaches a project from the same direction every time.

One of our core cultural attributes is to attack a problem from a direction differently than anyone else.  The One Firm Concept is the embodiment of this cultural difference.  We utilize technology and discipline in maintaining a robust CRM, called Office Tools or OT, to track/record/task/monitor/complete all projects phone calls and life experiences from our conversations and meetings with you.  Why do we send emails with our Stream of Consciousness notes?  To populate our evolving CRM with our latest conversations.  This very unique method of conducting business with our clients allow any person in the firm to answer your question, work on your project, and provide expertise or answers on a timely basis.  The One Firm Concept gives our clients the ability to call our office and more than likely get an answer even if the normal suspects are not available.  It allows us to more effectively answer your emails if the normal suspect is not available.  Most importantly, it helps keep us moving/evolving/challenging for you, our Client.  The side benefit to HKA?  We are never bored, we’re always seeing something new and we’re always challenging ourselves and our team members to create a fun, dynamic, professional environment geared toward serving our Client’s needs.

Yes, there are point of contacts, Yes, you can ask to speak to the same person every time you call, but, when you really need something now, rest assured the One Firm Concept will be there to deliver for you when you need it the most, and every other day!

1st Quarter Goals & Celebration


If you’ve stopped by our office recently, you’ve seen some pretty interesting decor additions. All of the “under construction” themed decorations were part of our first quarter planning and goals. As part of our “Why” we came up with a goal to complete 43 projects by the end of the quarter, 10/31/16. Once a project was completed, we added another block to our personal arch (paying tribute to our hometown). The last day of the quarter we completed our 43rd project and are happy to say we reached our first quarter goal! To celebrate, we took the whole office on the guided Beermaster tour at Anheuser Busch Brewery.


Our theme for this second quarter is The Final “Account”down. The quarter ends 1/31/17 so stay tuned for updates! Call us if you want to learn more about what we’re doing at 314-993-4285!

Why We Do What We Do

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Here at HKA, our clients are our number one priority. We’ve been spending a lot of time lately on strategic planning to ensure that everything we do as a firm is geared with the client in mind. We are very inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, and we want to share our Why (along with our How and our What) with you. Click the interactive WHY, HOW, WHAT links to learn more about why we do what we do.


We passionately provide options and solutions to our clients to enable them.


We hired an outside consulting firm to help us stop saying who we are and to start doing things that exemplify our vision, our standards, our WHY. We’ve refocused our roles and services in order to provide a more concentrated approach to serving our clients.


Strategic planning and visioning helped us define what sets us apart from other firms. We take pride in our company values, culture, and standards. We take pride in our client-focused services. We take pride in not only what we do, but what we can do for you.

HKA Updates

Meet Katie Lanning, our Client Relationship Specialist.

We are happy to introduce our newest team member, Katie Lanning! Katie will fulfill the role of Client Relationship Specialist. She is from Washington, MO, located about 45 minutes outside St. Louis. Katie attended Mizzou, where she was in the marching band.

Katie will be doing a lot for our firm and for you! She will be responsible for:

  • Answering the phone
  • Directing your questions to the appropriate staff
  • Following up on your tax return missing items
  • Helping with the web account expense tracker, training, or getting your documents
  • And anything else you might need!

HKA also wants to congratulate Brian Godefroid on not only a new baby, but also for his new job at Charter as a senior accountant. We understand that with a new baby in the house, less overtime hours is a good thing. We wish him the best of luck!

Our office will be closed tomorrow!

closedOur office will be closed Thursday, April 16, 2015.

With the end of tax season here, we are looking forward to a day off. While some of us are playing golf and others are planning to sleep the day away… we will all be out of the office tomorrow!

Don’t worry… We will be back in the office doing what we love on Friday!

We sincerely hope that you understand and most of all we want to thank you for being a part of the best tax season to date!

It’s Your Last Chance to Participate In Our Putting Tournament!

svdplogoOur “Putting and Pampers” tournament benefitting the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is coming to a close… and right now the competitors are neck-and-neck!

Tied for First Place with 15 points we have: Phil Alicea and Todd Robbins.

Tied for Second Place with 14 points we have: Norm Eaker and Ed Lynch.

The pot is currently at a total of $290, meaning $145 goes to Saint Vincent de Paul and $145 goes to the winner!

You have until April 5th to participate in the tournament for your chance to win! It’s just $10 to play and show that you are the Top Dog!

While our putting tournament is all fun and games… Bill and Barbara Kruse have been working diligently to gather diaper and baby wipe donations for St. Vincent de Paul. We would love for an influx of diapers to come in between now and April 5th!

A mound of diapers!

All of the baby wipes and diapers that Bill and Barb have collected so far!


To learn more about St. Vincent de Paul, please go to their website at

TheIWLA has accepted one of our own into their amazing organization!

If you have ever called or visited our office, then you know who Jessie is. She is Hauk Kruse & Associates amazing office manager. Jessie is the one who is always greeting you with a happy “Hello” and a huge smile, the one who keeps our office in it’s tip-top shape, the one who makes sure we are all on schedule, and so much more.

While we may appreciate her on a daily basis, it seems as though we aren’t the only ones. Jessie was nominated as an inductee for the International Women’s Leadership Association (TheIWLA)… and she was accepted!

IWLA-LogoIn their own words, “TheIWLA is a dynamic, diverse and dedicated community of women, each aspiring to rise to her greatest level of potential while encouraging others to do the same. TheIWLA community represents today’s women as we acknowledge and validate their accomplishments, as we inspire them to do more, to have more and to BE more and to play their role in the creation of a stronger, healthier, more prosperous tomorrow.”

Congratulations Jessie! We are all very proud of you and truly believe that you belong in this amazing organization.

All of us, especially Jessie, would like to thank the anonymous person who nominated her.