View your Social Security benefits in real-time online!

mySSAThe Social Security Administration now offers a “My Social Security” online account! This feature is there to help you prepare for and manage your retirement.

With “My Social Security”, you can:

  • Get your online Social Security statement
  • Verify changes in your employment history have been recorded correctly: whether you have changed jobs once or dozens of times, it is important that these changes have been properly accounted for.
  • Verify your lifetime earnings: they provide you with a full record of your earnings!
  • See estimates of your future benefits: if you aren’t retired yet, you can view how much you could get when you do!
  • Manage your benefits
  • …and more!

Opening a “My Social Security” account is quick, safe, free, and easy! Just click here to get started.

If you have any questions about your Social Security or your retirement, please call our office at 314-993-4285.