HKA December Charities- We’re “Almost Home” For The Holidays!

almost home 1

On December 6th, the Hauk Kruse family assisted the families at Almost Home in Saint Louis to make their holidays even brighter by decorating their homes for the holidays. When I went to Almost Home, I didn’t know what to expect.   I knew that the home housed about 10-15 young women with their children.  What I didn’t realize was that the organization wasn’t just a housing rehabilitation facility,  it was really so much more; it was a home.

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Lauren, the Development Coordinator was welcoming and informative.  She showed us the living space and we began to decorate the halls. As we decorated, I couldn’t help but think about what their day might be like.  These ladies get up every morning, get ready for school or work, take care of their children with the understanding that there is no husband, parent, grandparent or friend to assist them.  They are the breadwinner, they are ultimately, solely responsible for their destinies.

What makes these women different is that they never had a helping hand.  They were born into the world with no great advice from dad or the loving embrace of their mother. They came into this world not knowing what the next day would bring.  Coming from a place of strength in my family unit, it was hard for me to get my head around this.  The only resolve I have is to have nothing but complete compassion and admiration for the strength of these women.

Hauk Kruse pic 4

(From Left) Jessica Murphy, Abby Romberger

Last year, my sister Amanda and her husband Justin welcomed their first child.  Over the past year, I have seen and experienced second hand all that goes into properly raising a child.  In itself, it is truly the hardest profession to undertake.  These ladies do it every day.  Almost Home acts as a safe “rite of passage” so that they can take on other aspirations like school and work.  Almost Home provides for the continued development for these ladies and their children.

As we finished the decorating, I found comfort in the belief that these ladies will overcome.  They have been provided a place to start again in a new direction filled with love, support and opportunity; and some great mentors to help guide their way. They are my new heroes.

Hauk Kruse pic 5

(From Left)Brian Godfroid, Julio Davila, Blake Will & Bill Kruse

I have gratitude for Almost Home, for the people like Lauren and the rest of the team there who dedicate their lives to assisting others.

Please donate to Almost Home today by clicking here.

Optimizing the Sale of Your Business

Selling Your Business?

Selling a business is now and always has been about a willing buyer and a willing seller. The gray area is about price and structure.

As we look forward to 2013, I believe it may be some time before we see long term capital gains at the 15% level again. Its not a forgone conclusion that capital gains taxes are going to be higher in 2013, but it more likely than not.

That gives us about 300 days to determine if we are ready to sell our company.

The IRS and most financial institutions require a valuation of a business to be historically based and ROI centered. Most business transactions in the U.S. are consummated by public accounting firms like ours. Most transactions result in a 3-4 X multiple of EBITDA (Earnings before income taxes depreciation and amortization) adjusted for excessive owner distribution expenses.

I believe the value of your company, for purposes of selling the business, should be based upon what it can do and what it will do in the future. That may require a better approach, or it may require us to re-evaluate what is meant by a “willing buyer”. What the buyer is willing to pay for your business and what the company is worth to Them is a more palatable approach when attempting to maximize value.

Let us create a Sales Plan for offering your business to strategic buyers and structure the deal for the optimum solution.