TheIWLA has accepted one of our own into their amazing organization!

If you have ever called or visited our office, then you know who Jessie is. She is Hauk Kruse & Associates amazing office manager. Jessie is the one who is always greeting you with a happy “Hello” and a huge smile, the one who keeps our office in it’s tip-top shape, the one who makes sure we are all on schedule, and so much more.

While we may appreciate her on a daily basis, it seems as though we aren’t the only ones. Jessie was nominated as an inductee for the International Women’s Leadership Association (TheIWLA)… and she was accepted!

IWLA-LogoIn their own words, “TheIWLA is a dynamic, diverse and dedicated community of women, each aspiring to rise to her greatest level of potential while encouraging others to do the same. TheIWLA community represents today’s women as we acknowledge and validate their accomplishments, as we inspire them to do more, to have more and to BE more and to play their role in the creation of a stronger, healthier, more prosperous tomorrow.”

Congratulations Jessie! We are all very proud of you and truly believe that you belong in this amazing organization.

All of us, especially Jessie, would like to thank the anonymous person who nominated her.