With our new website, you will always have your legal documents on hand!

legal docsHave you ever needed your legal documents, such as your medical power of attorney, will, or trust, but they were left at home in your safe or filing cabinet?

Most people don’t carry their important legal documents with them: not only are they bulky, but they also contain confidential information which would make losing them a nightmare!

With our new website, your legal documents will never be left at home again. After uploading them to the new “legal documents” section in your private web account, you will be able to access them anywhere that has internet access!

If you would like to find out more about how this amazing new feature will benefit you, please call our office at 314-993-4285.

The Hauk Kruse & Associates website will be under construction on September 17th.
Check out the new website on September 18th at http://www.hkaglobal.com!