It’s Your Last Chance to Participate In Our Putting Tournament!

svdplogoOur “Putting and Pampers” tournament benefitting the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is coming to a close… and right now the competitors are neck-and-neck!

Tied for First Place with 15 points we have: Phil Alicea and Todd Robbins.

Tied for Second Place with 14 points we have: Norm Eaker and Ed Lynch.

The pot is currently at a total of $290, meaning $145 goes to Saint Vincent de Paul and $145 goes to the winner!

You have until April 5th to participate in the tournament for your chance to win! It’s just $10 to play and show that you are the Top Dog!

While our putting tournament is all fun and games… Bill and Barbara Kruse have been working diligently to gather diaper and baby wipe donations for St. Vincent de Paul. We would love for an influx of diapers to come in between now and April 5th!

A mound of diapers!

All of the baby wipes and diapers that Bill and Barb have collected so far!


To learn more about St. Vincent de Paul, please go to their website at